Root Canals in Reston, VA

Stop toothaches and save your tooth at Reston Family Smiles.

Pain-Free Root Canals
It's possible to save a decaying tooth with root canal surgery.
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Do you have a severely infected and sore tooth that requires a root canal but are afraid of surgery? Many years ago, root canals may have been painful, but with today’s anesthetics and improved treatment methods, patients feel comfortable during and after the quick procedure.

The truth is, you’ll feel more pain living with tooth decay than you will be during a root canal to fix the problem.

Signs you need a root canal:

  • Severe tooth pain upon pressure

  • Prolonged tooth sensitivity to heat and cold

  • Swelling of gums or tooth discoloration

Don’t let your toothache turn into tooth loss.

Benefits of a Root Canal
Here are the advantages of getting a root canal at Reston Family Smiles.
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Root canals are safe, and the procedure can prevent the tooth infection from spreading.

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The procedure is pain-free with anesthetics and stops persistent toothaches.

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Root canals can save a tooth and are a great investment in your smile.

Hear what our patients are saying about us.

Jiin LeJiin Le
00:04 20 Feb 24
I recently took my kids to Reston Family Smiles, and I must say, it was an excellent experience from start to finish. Dr. Dee, Saiin and staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating, which immediately put my children at ease. The waiting area was welcoming and had an age appropriate movie playing to keep kids entertained while we waited.The dentist and dental hygienists were fantastic with my kids. They were patient, gentle, and explained each procedure in a way that was easy for them to understand. They also took the time to answer any questions my kids had, which helped alleviate any anxiety they may have had about visiting the dentist.The office itself was clean and well-maintained, which is always reassuring when it comes to healthcare facilities. Additionally, the appointment scheduling process was seamless, and we didn't have to wait long to be seen.Overall, I highly recommend this dentist office for families with children. Their exceptional service and child-friendly approach make going to the dentist a positive experience for both kids and parents alike.
Linda WebbLinda Webb
14:48 16 Feb 24
My Invisalign/dental experience at Reston Family Smiles was fantastic, thanks to Saiin. From the initial consultation to the final result, Saiin's professionalism and expertise made the process smooth and reassuring. I'm thrilled with the outcome and highly recommend their services!"
Khoa NguyenKhoa Nguyen
17:49 15 Feb 24
Got my teeth whitened at Reston. Saiin was awesome and got my appointment scheduled quick and easy. Marcelo, who did the whitening was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. Would definitely come back and recommend!
Parker LuedtkeParker Luedtke
14:27 13 Feb 24
Needed to get a checkup as I haven't been to the dentist in 2 years. They found two tiny cavities and I got them filled the week after my initial checkup. It was an awesome experience. They have ceiling mounted TVs and Bluetooth headphones so I was able to watch TV while getting my cavity fixed. Not to mention that everyone is super friendly as well. I would highly recommend this Practice for dental work.
Ingrid LopezIngrid Lopez
02:00 13 Feb 24
Carla GregoryCarla Gregory
12:56 25 Jan 24
Reston Family Smiles are just that! :-)) A Reston dentist office that’s a family of smiles… smiling happy people. I am so happy when my cleaning & subsequent repairs. They are now a nice place to visit. Super friendly Marcelo- Elizabeth & Dr. Dee, thank you.
Cory LawsCory Laws
14:50 07 Jan 24
A very old filling popped out of a molar and we had company coming, with a planned trip to DC for dinner. I called early Friday morning and they worked me in for a 1pm consult, as a new customer. The tooth was indeed in bad shape and will require a crown. My regular dentist makes their own crowns on site, so I'm going back for that, which will require only a single visit. Otherwise I'd be happy to return to RFS. Everyone was quite lovely, from reception to Marcelo and Dr. Dee. A hearty 5 stars!
sarah teaglesarah teagle
20:38 13 Oct 23
They were very patient with me. I still have a fear of dentists since i needed so much work on my teeth as a child. This visit took 8 shots, and i had some trouble. Thank you for taking the time to help me prepare mentally as well as physically.
Mira KarastoyanovaMira Karastoyanova
20:23 29 Sep 23
This is a great team, everyone is highly skilled in their field, professional and kind. Goli won my heart today with her magic touch and zero pain!!! Thank you, Goli!
Hannah ClementsHannah Clements
14:59 29 Sep 23
Makes going to the dentist a good experience, which is a very hard thing to do! Thank you guys!
Ted HangerTed Hanger
21:56 27 Sep 23
Vanessa BrunVanessa Brun
14:34 20 Sep 23
I hardly recommend this place , everyone are very professional , nice and kind .
Christina BarretoChristina Barreto
01:34 19 Sep 23
After a bad experience at the dentist, I decided to come to Reston Family Smiles and they were wonderful! Dr. Dee and Marcelo made me feel very comfortable and safe. So happy that I found them! (:
Lara GabrieleLara Gabriele
13:55 12 Aug 23
This was my first visit and during my cleaning, I was asked a few times if I was doing alright which I appreciated. They all seemed quite caring and Dr. Dee was measured in her assessment - meaning she did not try to push to up sell me on services that I did not need like fillers which would just pop out later on or deep cleaning which I did not need (other dentists have tried to push both). My teeth were cleaned well too.
Summer McKaySummer McKay
22:47 11 Jul 23
It was a great experience! I haven’t been to a dentist in years and they made me feel comfortable and gave me great consultation on my teeth! Elizabeth was great at explaining the costs and what procedures were available. Cierra gave me a thorough and much needed cleaning and Dr. Dee and Marcelo were patient and helpful while giving me fillings. They answered any questions I had precisely and professionally! Could not recommend anyone better in the DMV area!
Maribel FelicianoMaribel Feliciano
22:30 05 Jul 23
I am a new client to the practice and I am very happy with their welcome. I am normally anxious about going to the dentist but Dr. Dee and Michelle (dental assistant) are great at putting me at ease. Lastly, but not least, Elizabeth has a great way to welcome everyone and answer any questions that they may have.
Jaya SapreJaya Sapre
01:35 07 Jul 22
Very professional and skilled, staff. Highly recommended . The dental Hygienist Elizabeth was very knowledgeable, informative, and lets you know every step of the way what’s going on so there are no surprises. She was very friendly. Front desk staff was very friendly as well . Elizabeth at front desk made sure I had everything taken care of before that left . Thank you for the service today !!
Leah SchultzLeah Schultz
21:18 27 May 22
I LOVE this practice. Elizabeth at reception is always welcoming and so accommodating with appointment times and billing questions. Cierra provided an excellent and thorough cleaning, as do all the hygienists there. Dr Shadi is so nice and aways takes time to make sure you are feeling good and happy with your dental plan. Highly recommend!!!
Zakaria MohamedZakaria Mohamed
14:51 25 May 22
Dr.Shadi, Asst.Marcelo,Hyg.Cierra and Asst. Elizabeth you guys are awesome team and I really appreciated your service and support.I feel healthy mouth now because of Reston Family Smiles team.Thanks.
Jonathan CicconeJonathan Ciccone
14:32 28 Feb 22
Jimmy was excellent and efficient. Easiest cleaning I’ve had in a while
Giuliana SaskiaGiuliana Saskia
04:24 16 Dec 21
It was an amazing experience! They were so nice and helpful. Pretty good service

The Root Canal Procedure
Root canals with Reston Family Smiles are simpler than you think.
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A root canal procedure is a straightforward treatment that relieves toothaches and can save your tooth. If a tooth’s root is infected, a root canal is needed to clean out the area, remove the pulp in the tooth, disinfect it, and fill the spot.

  • Step 1

    After examining your tooth and x-ray to see the full extent of decay, we plan out the procedure. We’ll let you know exactly what to expect before your root canal procedure.

  • Step 2

    On the day of the root canal surgery, we apply numbing to the area and clean out the decay. The root canal and pulp chamber areas are cleaned and dried. If needed, medication may be applied directly to clear up the infection as well. If the infection has spread, antibiotics may be prescribed.

  • Step 3

    Once the infection is cleared up and dried, we fill the inside of the tooth with a safe compound and a dental filling. A crown (tooth cover) is placed on top to restore the tooth’s functionality. The crown looks natural and feels natural so that you can continue eating and speaking naturally.

When a tooth has a deep cavity, decay, or crack, bacteria can enter the inside of the tooth and cause severe damage and pain – root canals fix this. If not completed in time, a tooth cannot be saved and may have to be extracted and replaced with a dental implant, which is more complicated and takes longer to heal.

Don’t settle for a life with a bad toothache and risk tooth loss; get a safe and pain-free root canal in Reston, VA.

FAQ about Root Canals
  • Is a root canal painful?

    While most people think root canals are painful, they work to reduce your pain long-term. Needing a root canal is actually more painful than the procedure itself.

    We use numbing medicine so that you’ll feel minimal discomfort, and over-the-counter medication can ease any post-procedure discomfort.

    With anesthesia, a root canal isn’t any more uncomfortable than a regular dental filling or tooth removal. We know it doesn’t sound fun, but we promise it won’t hurt!

  • How long does a root canal take?

    The time of a root canal treatment depends on each patient and the severity of infection and decay. Most root canals take under an hour or up to 90 minutes. Typically, we complete them in one or two visits.

  • What happens during a root canal?

    During a root canal, the infected pulp inside the tooth is removed, and the tooth interior is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Once cleaned, the tooth is filled and sealed with a safe rubber-like material called gutta-percha.

    A filling and crown go on top of the treated tooth to protect the tooth and restore its functionality. Root canals are a safe procedure that can preserve your smile.

  • Are you awake during a root canal?

    You’re awake during a root canal, but we use anesthesia for a pain-free and comfortable procedure. Most patients report that root canals aren’t any worse than a regular filling.

  • What are the disadvantages of a root canal?

    Root canals have the power to save a tooth, but sometimes a tooth can’t be saved, and a dental implant is required to replace the missing tooth.

    Root canals are safe and effective in removing bacteria, and the results last a long time, even a lifetime. A one-on-one consultation and exam of your teeth will determine if a root canal is right for you.

    The real danger is ignoring signs of a tooth infection or decay, which can lead to serious health issues if the infection spreads. Schedule your consultation for a root canal in Reston Family Smiles with Reston, VA.